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Mencari dan Memberi yang Terbaik


Research Experiences Record :

1. 2010, Coordinator, Design of Community waste treatment plant of IPB Surrounding Villages, Creata-LPPM-IPB
2. 2010-2012, Coordinator, Advance Irrigation Method for Reaching a High Water Saving Efficiency, Im-Here b2c – IPB
3. 2007 – 2008, Resources person, The Development of Groundwater for Maize Irrigation in Gorontalo, Irrigation Research Center – Dept. Of Public Works
4. January – March 2007, Hydrologist, Study on Land and Production System of Plants for Ethanol Industry, PT Medco – Creata IPB
5. March – October 2002, Member, Disaster Hazard Mitigation Planning for Garut District, Garut Government  – Fateta IPB
6. December 1988 – March 1999, Member, Evaluation for Settlement Program of Peat land Project Implementation, Central Kalimantan, IPB – Ministry of Transmigration
7. January – March 1999, Coordinator, The Model Survey Project on The Agricultural Policy Restructuring in Indonesia, IPB – JICA
8. September 1998 – March 1999, Soil and Water Conservation Specialist, Consultative team for labor intensive works for forestry, IPB – Ministry of Forestry and Estate
9. November 1996 –  March 1998, Drainage specialist, The Development of Agriculture in Transmigration Field on Peat –  Land,  Central Kalimantan,  Ministry of Transmigration – FATETA-IPB – BAPPENAS
10. June 1997 – March 1998, Member, Reducing Draft of Plow by Electro-osmosis, Research Institute – IPB
11. June 1997 – March 1998, Member, The Effect of Soil Content on the Properties of Soil Density and Strength,  Research Institute – IPB
12. October 1997 – March 1998, Soil Mechanic specialist, Investigation on Rice Field Characteristics and Tractor Operating Conditions in Indonesia, IPB – Tongyang Ltd
13. July 1994 –  March 1995, Member, Study  on Tertiary Irrigation  System Management with Farmer Participation in  Cisadane and  Cianjur  Irrigation Areas, Ministry of Public Work – FATETA IPB
14. September 1994 – February 1995, Soil Mechanics Assistance, Study on Land Preparation for  Trans­migration   in Mesuji-Lampung and Bertak-South Sumatra, Ministry  of Transmigration –  FATETA IPB
15. October 1994 – February 1995, Team Member, Design of Sprinkler Irrigation System for Cane Plantation in HGU Jengkol  and HGU  Sumberlumbu,  Kediri – East Java, PTP  XXI-XXII –  Geological  Research Center
16. April 1988 – March 1992, Team Member, Study  on Soil physics and  mechanics characteristic  of           wet paddy (sawah) and upland fields in West Java, JICA – IPB
17. July 1988 – March 1989,  Hydrologist,  Study on The Environmental Management and  Monitoring  of  Coal  Mining  in Sangata, East Kalimantan,  PT Kaltim Prima Coal – PPLH IPB
18. July 1988 – March 1989, Hydrologist, Study on the Environmental Impacts Coal   Mining  in Tenggarong, East Kalimantan, PT Multi Harapan Utama – PPLH IPB
19. August 1987 – December 1987, Hydrologist, Second Stage Development Project  for Transmigration in Natal, North  Suma­tra, Ministry of Transmigration
20. November 1986 – March 1987,  Hydrologist, Feasibility  Study of Sago  Industry, Sorong, Irian Jaya, IPB-BPPT
21. 1984 -1985, Team Member, Study  on The Utilization of  Irriga­tion  Water for  Fisheries  (Brackish and Fresh Water) in 5 Provinces, Ministry of Public Work – FATETA IPB
22. 1982 – 1983, Team Member, Irrigation Water Optimization in Cirebon and Ciujung Irrigation Areas, West Java, Ministry of Public Work – FATETA IPB
23. 1980 – 1981,  Team Member, Study on  the Development Of  Water System  of Rural Plantation on Tidal Area in Jambi and Riau, Ministry of Agriculture – FATETA IPB